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About Us

podovox provides more than just podcast production; we are a deeply passionate and experienced team of audio professionals and marketing and branding experts, all with a singular goal, to help make your voice heard.

Experienced leadership, creativity, focus, & humility

Our leadership draws from over three decades of audio production experience that includes the production of chart-topping songs, live concerts & events, commercials for radio, TV, & internet media companies, dozens of audiobooks, as well as hundreds and hundreds of hours of podcast projects since 2006.

We’ve also learned life is better when we keep learning which is why we approach every project in a spirit of collaboration.


A successfully branded podcast will work in harmony with your marketing strategy while providing the least amount of frustration possible and requiring a minimum of your time and effort.

The most substantial amount of friction usually happens sometime right after you decide to create a podcast.  But it doesn’t need to!

To free you from frustration we’ve made this process EASY.

  • Record your raw audio files. Use your own simple, high-quality podcasting studio.
  • Send us your files. We like Google Drive!
  • Wait 3 business days. We can publish for you. Everything we build is on your web property so you have 100% command over the content.
  • Instantly reach your audience. The automated system we build into your site will distribute to a global audience, without quantity limitations, instantly upon clicking publish.

Why Launch A Podcast?

Why would you want to launch a podcast now? 


  • Podcasting is Underserved – For every podcast there are 100,000 blogs and 10,000 YouTube videos.
  • Longer Attention Spans – The attention span for videos and blogs is tiny. Podcast listeners tune in for hours.
  • Authentic Engagement – Engage with your audience intimately.
  • Cultivate Celebrity – Each show is a chance to practice the art of eloquent speaking.
  • Expand Your Network – Interviewing or story telling with top players in your industry creates integration into your market.
  • Podcasting is Growing – Digital media on demand will out perform terrestrial radio. Start now for success tomorrow.


of the US population has listened to a podcast...EVERYWHERE AND STILL GROWING


of monthly podcast listeners have household income over $75K...AFFLUENT


Listen to ALL or MOST of each podcast..LOYALTY

Oh Humanity!

We’re real people and we would love to speak with you about your podcast.

Trina and Marty Daniels founded podovox, realistically, podovox found them as it is a natural outgrowth of what they’ve both done all of their lives. 

Marty Daniels

Marty Daniels


Trina Daniels

Trina Daniels


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More than just noise, we expertly craft media that thoughtfully tells your story while deepening relationships, building your brand, and growing your bottom line. Attract customers, donors, employees, volunteers, and investors to help move your vision forward with a podcast

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