How To Utilize A Podcast As A Marketing Tool For My Business?

Podcasting to grow your brick and mortar business? It’s a relatively new thought for a brick and mortar business to use a podcast as a marketing channel but the concept is gaining momentum.

While you may start with only a few downloads in the first few weeks, don’t give up and don’t be discouraged, it goes up from there as your audience finds you and goes to work finding others who are eager to discover you. Audiences preferring podcasts is growing exponentially with millions of people downloading podcasts every month.

Every person learns differently. Some prefer reading the matter, some like to watch videos, while others like to hear to learn it. Let’s take a look at some of the ways to use a podcast as a marketing tool to grow your business:

Generating traffic

Podcasts remain a popular choice despite the massive growth in video streaming. It helps you reach new audience. You can make a podcast about how to use your products with tips and tricks, encouraging the person to check your products and buy them. It takes time to build your audience and is a work in progress, so don’t expect your debut podcast to bring you millions of customers.

Gain customer loyalty

Podcast are pre-recorded and are a one-way conversation but it still helps form a strong relationship with your customers. Only when they feel there’s a connection or have something in common with the speaker, they will continue listening to you. When there’s trust in the relationship, they won’t mind taking a step forward and buying products or services of your brand.

Attract guests to engage in conversation

At the end of the Podcast, you can ask your listeners to visit a forum or your website or social media to engage in discussions. Doing this will make them feel valued and help your podcast be interactive. Make sure you reply to each and every comment that you receive during the discussion because you never know what cross-marketing opportunities you will get through it.

Repurpose blog content

Your business should have a blog too and you can repurpose your blog content can be repurposed into a podcast. Your podcast content can also be created into a blog giving your more fresh blog content.


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