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We make it easy to consistently create a podcast for your business, cause or organization that thoughtfully tells your story while deepening relationships and building your brand. — save time, save money, and get things done!

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Podovox is a new company that has been helping businesses and non-profits succeed for over 30 years.  This rich experience has allowed us to see what works — as a result, we’re continually evaluating and updating the solutions we offer as needed to make sure our clients easily move from concept to completion affordably while never sacrificing quality.

It all starts with your first contact.

You will work with a dedicated podcasting consultant who will help you determine the very best way to shape your story. Your podcast consultant will help you identify the perfect podcast style, impactful podcast production elements, ideal podcast length, the perfect number of episodes, how frequently each individual episode of your podcast is released and much, much more. Podovox does all of this while being mindful of your goals, budget, and timeline.

Talk with us today and let us show you how telling your story through podcasting can help grow your business.

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15 %
of Americans listen to podcasts weekly
66 %
of podcasts are heard on a phone or tablet
33 %
of 25 to 54 year-olds have listened in the past month
52 %
of podcasts are listened to at home
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